Thursday, July 24, 2008

Butterfly Baby Hat

A simple baby hat using a band of butterfly stitches as an accent. The pattern is written for three different sizes, newborn, 3 - 9 months, and 9 – 18 months.

DK weight yarn
Size 5 needles (the smallest hat will fit on sixteen inch circulars)

22 stitches per 4 inches

Small, newborn
Medium, 3 - 9 months
Large, 9 - 18 months

Cast on 72 (80, 88) stitches and join in the round
Work in plain stockinette stitch for 6 rows
Purl next round
Continue in plain stockinette stitch for 2 (2.5, 3) inches
Begin first butterfly pattern
  1. (move yarn to the front, slip 5 stitches purlwise, move yarn to the back, k3), repeat around
  2. knit around
  3. repeat round 1
  4. repeat round 2
  5. repeat round 1
  6. repeat round 2
  7. (k2, slip needle behind the 3 strands from bottom to top, knit into the next stitch, slip the three strands over top of the needle, k5), repeat around
Begin second butterfly pattern round
  1. k 4, this is the now the location of the beginning of the round
  2. Repeat rows 1 through 7 of the first butterfly pattern
Continue working in plain stockinette until the hat measures 5 (5.25, 5.5) inches

Decrease Rounds:
Size Large Only:
  • (k2tog, k9) around
  • knit
Size Medium and Large:
  • (k2tog, k8) around
  • knit
All sizes:
  • (k2tog, k7) around
  • knit
  • (k2tog, k6) around
  • knit
  • (k2tog, k5) around
  • (k2tog, k4) around
  • (k2tog, k3) around
  • (k2tog, k2) around
  • (k2tog, k1) around
  • k2tog around, break yarn and draw yarn through all 8 stitches. Pull tight and weave in.
Pattern & images © 2008 by Melisa Darnieder. Personal use ONLY. Commercial use, including selling items made from this pattern, is prohibited. All rights reserved.


Test said...

so pretty! i'm going to make one of these for each my students who are due inthe next few months. hopefully i'll have time to make a few for my clients, too! thank you so much for sharing!

Melisa said...

Thanks, I hope you like it!

Anonymous said...

I tried making this on 16 inch circular needles (size large hat), but I could not finish it because the stitches were getting so stretched. How did you do it?? I love the pattern and would like to make it for friends and family

Melisa said...

When you're doing the decreases, switch over to double-pointed needles or work on two sets of circulars. Does that fix your problem>

Dana said...

I'm not sure how the butterfly pattern works - so far whatever I'm doing looks funny to me. When you move the wool back to the back, there is a line across the front of the toque - do the lines of wool create the "wings"? Do I pull tight when I move the wool back, or leave it somewhat lax? As you can probably tell, I haven't done a lot of patterning!

Dana said...

haha - i got it. Just needed to be patient :)

Melisa said...

I'm glad it came together!

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern! Am expecting my first grandchild, which has inspired me to take up knitting again (having to re-learn!) I'd like to make this using a contrast color for the 'butterflies'. Can you give me advice on adjusting the pattern for that?

mary Bopp said...

is this pattern for circular needles only? Also, can you please tell me how much yarn is needed for newborn hat? thanks.

Melisa said...

Mary, I only wrote the pattern for circulars, sorry! I didn't keep a note on how much yarn I used for the small, but someone else on Ravelry said she only needed 100 yards. Others used a little less than that.

Michelle said...

When you say continues for 2 inches, is that from cast on edge or purl row?

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