Thursday, July 31, 2008

Football Hat

With season tickets for this year on the way, I decided I needed a hat to keep me and my ears warm during the games at Ohio Stadium. Here is my Football Hat. The hat is knit from the top down.


Worsted weight yarn in scarlet, grey, and black

Size 7 dpns and 16 inch circulars


  1. When directed to increase, knit in the front and back of the indicated stitch. Start with the double pointed needles and, if desired, switch to the circulars when possible
  2. In grey, cast on 4, spread to the 4 double pointed needles
  3. Increase in every stitch around (8 total on needles)
  4. Increase in every stitch around (16 total on needles)
  5. (Increase, knit 1), repeat around
  6. (Increase, knit 2), repeat around
  7. (Increase, knit 3), repeat around
  8. (Increase, knit 4), repeat around
  9. (Increase, knit 5), repeat around
  10. Knit around
  11. (Increase, knit 6), repeat around
  12. Knit around
  13. (Increase, knit 7), repeat around
  14. Knit around
  15. (Increase, knit 8), repeat around
  16. Knit around
  17. (Increase, knit 9), repeat around
  18. Knit around
  19. (Increase, knit 10), repeat around (24 stitches on each needle, for a total of 96 stitches)
  20. Begin pattern section, working in stockinette stitch. Repeat this pattern 4 times around the circumference of the hat.
  21. After pattern, work in plain stockinette stitch for two more rows
  22. Work in k3, p3 ribbing until hat reaches desired length (to try on, just slip the stitches onto some scrap yarn and try on.
  23. Bind off loosely

Pattern & images © 2008 by Melisa Darnieder. Personal use ONLY. Commercial use, including selling items made from this pattern, is prohibited. All rights reserved.

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