Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Focus? What's That?

Sorry for the long delay with no postings, there was a new baby, then a death in the family. I am back now.

My brain is going crazy with ideas for new patterns and project ideas. A large lacy scarf/wrap? Reversible? A knitted sweater with short sleeves and a single button at the throat that makes everything fall at an angle? A crocheted baby vesty/cardi out of some kettled-dyed sock yarn? A poncho-type thing that widens at the base and is assembled out of two matching not-quite-rectangular pieces?

My problem is my lack of focus. I think any number of these items would be fun to work on and might turn out to be pretty cool, but I can't seem to concentrate on one idea long enough to make any progress. I started a baby cardi, then stalled on making a lace pattern for it. Then, I drifted off to the lacy shawl... then wouldn't that be a cool baby blanket?

November will be my month to get my act back together and design something. I just need to make a decision and roll with it and see how things come together.

On the stash side of things? I have now gone over four months with only buying two skeins of yarn to finish specific projects. I'm pretty proud of myself. My goal now is to get below 40,000 yards of yarn on hand by the end of the year. I think I can do it!