Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Traverse City, MI Yarn Shops

Well, I was both disappointed and delighted by the yarn shops I found in Traverse City when I was up there a couple weekends ago.

My first stop was Yarn Quest, on Garfield Road. We were greeted by the woman by being instructed to make sure my toddler didn't get into any of the yarn. I should have turned around and walked out right then, but I needed some new needles to get my minimalist cardigan started. The selection was fine, but they didn't have needles in stock in very many sizes. I was not disappointed to leave and continue my search in another shop.

The other shop we went to was much more rewarding (and stash fulfilling). We stopped at Lost Art Yarn and Needlepoint in the downtown area. We were greeted warmly and there were no instructions given regarding my Emily. We found some yummy Adrienne Vitadini Donata on clearance; I picked up 13 skeins in a bright sky blue color at 50% off. They also had my Addi's and I left the store quite happy.

At the end of February, I had 44,381 yards in my stash for a net gain of 274 yards in 2009. My minimalist cardigan should eat up a lot in March!