Saturday, April 7, 2012

1500 yard question

In winding up a 1500 yard skein of Brown Sheep Legacy Lace, I have answered a couple of very important questions.


  1. Yes, 1500 yards of laceweight will fit on a ball winder.  Barely.
  2. Yes, you should take them up on the offer when the yarn shop offers to wind it for you.  Always.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mad Dash

There's a crazy-pants challenge in the Stash Down group in Ravelry to use up 12,000 yards from February 15, through March 31st.  While I didn't sign up for the entire challenge, I did sign up to try to finish up 4,000 yards during that time.

My major double-stranding project is finished, and it has used up 2,031 yards of my stash yarn.  I triple stranded lace and held it with worsted; I double stranded fingering and held it with dk; I doubled up the worsted, and this is what I got:


It's using my Reverse Mitered Block pattern in all the rainbow colors I could find in my stash.  It's going to Wool-Aid, a charity that collects handmade wool items to send to children overseas.  I love it.