Thursday, April 23, 2009

No New WIPs!

That was supposed to be my goal for April to allow me time to clear out some of the felted bags and my minimalist cardigan that have been hanging on for a long time. That didn't happen.

My cardigan is nearly finished, with about half of the seaming remaining. The half that is seamed fits perfectly and I love it, so assuming I don't screw up the other half, I should have a lovely sweater at the end of April. Just as the weather warms up here in Columbus.

However, I have not picked up any of the felted bags that are hanging around. I have two stained glass bags to finish for gifts for this Christmas. They were supposed to be gifts for last year, but that didn't happen. One of the them is knit and just needs to be felted more and assembled. The other needs a bottom and strap and felting. It shouldn't take long once I get motivated again. I should probably pick those up before I start on my next sweater. I also have my own entrelac bag that needs to be felted a little more and lined with something. It's too big and needs the lining to add that extra support.

I started and finished a Roaring Meg sweater for Emily, which is so cute. I need to find the camera and take some proper pictures of it this weekend.

I have started and not nearly finished a shawl for my grandma Jeanne up in Michigan. I'm using some hand-dyed purple linen yarn that I bought almost a year ago at Knitter's Connection. It's shedding and a little hard on my hands, but I hear that it soften up quite a bit when you wash it.

I have also started and nearly finished a little baby set out of some leftover sock yarn. The bootees need to be seamed and the hat only needs ties and finishing. I definitely will make it my goal to finish this project in April.

I have also made serious progress on my stash, but more about that at the end of the month. Hopefully, I will have pictures of all these things soon!

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