Thursday, April 3, 2008

I have a problem

I have a serious problem. I am keenly aware of the items I have in my stash, thanks mostly to Ravelry. However, I just went to Joann's and bought even more yarn. Ok, so it's only 6 skeins, and it's for the next couple projects on my queue, but it's still more yarn. My husband has been supportive thus far, but I think it's only because he's not fully aware of what I have hidden away.

I bought some Lion Brand Cotton-Ease for a few crochets beanies that I intend to make as soon as the Pinafore Dress is complete. I also bought some crochet thread for the gifts I am hoping to start on soon. But then, I ALSO bought some yarn for the little romper pants I thought Emily could wear under her pinafore for the wedding. Now that I think about it, though, that's an awful lot of things for a little baby to be wearing, so I think I will return those.

Good, I'm back down to 4 skeins. That seems a little better, somehow.

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