Sunday, June 15, 2008


I find myself in a weird lull in between large/rushed projects. I finished my sister's garter, finished my shrug to wear to Knitter's Connection, and finished the latest hat in the Great Hat Race. Sure, I'm working on a little baby hat and am finishing my felted entrelac tote, but there is no deadline for those and I feel very relaxed.

The hat I'm working on:
After all my purchases and free yarn from the Knitter's Connection, I have tons of options for my next big project. I should and probably will finish up my stragglers, but then I could work on:
  1. Emily's next sweater
  2. Husband's sweater
  3. Sister's shrug
  4. Mom's bag
  5. Mother-in-law's bag
  6. Stepmother-s bag
  7. My wrap #1
  8. My wrap #2
  9. My scarf

I could also begin designing my next project, which I think will be a crochet shrug. I have lots of yarn left from the knit shrug I made, and it was such a hit that I want more. Or, I could work on my idea for a stranded tote...

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