Sunday, August 10, 2008

Give-Away Winner

I have drawn a winner for the yarn, and it is Donna Lynn! Here's what Donna said she was going to do with the yarn:

I would love to find several homes for your yarn! My DH and I are in the process of becoming medical foster parents, taking in medically ill children. Almost all of the children come into the program with absolutely nothing and literally nothing to call their own. We will only have each child for up to a few months each (usually) and my goal is to make sure each child leaves our home with their very own afghan. We will be primarily taking care of babies, however, the need is so great that I have started to collect and donate squares and yarn for larger afghans for older children and the teens who are in this program. I am in contact with our caseworker through this program and she is thrilled that we are trying to help because the need is so great for these kids.

If you send me the yarn, the love would literally be scattered to several deserving children who need nothing more than love!
Congratulations! I'll be in touch!

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Turtle said...

The pinafore is so adorable! (as is the model!!) Congrats to the yarn winner!