Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yarn Market is Evil

Well, maybe just a little too much temptation in our large warehouse for little weak Melisa. The good folks at Yarn Market in Ohio invited us into their warehouse and showroom this morning and I went crazy in their bargain yarns. Oh well.

Araucania Atacama: 1,100 yards for only $47
Lily Chin Grammercy (Blue): 1,524 yards for only $54
Lily Chin Grammercy (Grey): 1,651 yards for only $58

For a grand total of 4,275 yards

New total? 45,420.9 yards

Okay, I think this has become a little bit of a game to me, but now I need to be serious. I have more than enough yarn to get me through Christmas. Do you think I can avoid any purchases until after the holidays? That should be my new goal, because this is getting ridiculous.

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