Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Traverse City, MI Yarn Shops

Well, I was both disappointed and delighted by the yarn shops I found in Traverse City when I was up there a couple weekends ago.

My first stop was Yarn Quest, on Garfield Road. We were greeted by the woman by being instructed to make sure my toddler didn't get into any of the yarn. I should have turned around and walked out right then, but I needed some new needles to get my minimalist cardigan started. The selection was fine, but they didn't have needles in stock in very many sizes. I was not disappointed to leave and continue my search in another shop.

The other shop we went to was much more rewarding (and stash fulfilling). We stopped at Lost Art Yarn and Needlepoint in the downtown area. We were greeted warmly and there were no instructions given regarding my Emily. We found some yummy Adrienne Vitadini Donata on clearance; I picked up 13 skeins in a bright sky blue color at 50% off. They also had my Addi's and I left the store quite happy.

At the end of February, I had 44,381 yards in my stash for a net gain of 274 yards in 2009. My minimalist cardigan should eat up a lot in March!


Rosie said...

I'm in TC off and on, and the yarn shops compared to the ones here in the Chicago area are not good.
However, I have found the Lost Art shop to be very helpful if the owner is there, although it is a cramped and cluttered store.
I also found that Yarn Quest was not friendly---and, good thing I didn't need help or was a new knitter!! I also found they had few needles, and the woman told me that "everyone uses circular needles." Well, duh, if that's all you sell, that is why. THe woman at that store was too busy with her knitting friends in the back to attend to my friend and me, and they even watched us and whispered. Very strange.

Nicole said...

I was just in Yarn Quest last weekend and the first thing out of the salesperson.owners mouth was to tell my children not to touch a thing. Then she treated me with disdain because I could not recall what needle size I was planning to use. She told me I would be better off at Ben Franklin. I spend a lot of money on yarn and she sure has missed out on her share! Plus, she is a smoker. Strong smell!

Liz Mcdermott said...

Thanks to every one I will not be going to that store!

lyn_in_MI said...

Try Wool & Honey in Cedar (formerly Inish Knits) ... SUPER friendly! lots of unique small company and local yarns, rovings--but go someplace else for commercial yarns. Yarn Quest is quite well known locally for rudeness & unhelpfulness ... it's worth the drive to Cedar for the local knitters.

Mary said...

I am in Cadillac and the yarn store is closed on Saturday. I am making a list of yarn stores in Traverse City. The Lost Yarn Shop is a favorite I always go to and have always had excellent help and find exactly what I want. After reading the comments on Yarn Quest I will not waste my time going there. Not only did she insult the mother but what about the future knitters? Don't we want them to feel welcome too? The comment about the whispering and ignoring the woman and her friend is sad, she missed an opportunity. Mary (retired teacher)

Anonymous said...

Because of the comments posted here I will not be visiting Yarn Quest, you would think in this tough economy she would be grateful for new customers, hopefully she has seen these reviews, if not it's certainly her loss. I'm here for a few days, needed yarn and started looking online, very thankful for the posts, glad I didn't waste my time