Friday, February 4, 2011

New Year, well, a little late

I think I wrote a New Year’s resolution last year, and obviously it didn’t hold. It is yet to been whether this year will be different, but here’s to giving it a go.

I am committed to two things for this year. The first is to design more, and share the things I have designed. I have two patterns that I intend to share as soon as I can get them written up. One is a crocheted hat that features spirals rounding from the top all the way down into he ribbing. The second is for a 12 inch block I designed for my last round of NYOBE on Ravelry.

The second goal is to continue to knit from the stash. While the last couple years of stash-down have really gotten me far, I still have far more than I need. I’ve come to realize that it’s pretty wasteful to purchase yarn, hold on to it for 3-4 years, then sell it at a loss because I no longer want to use it. Doesn’t it make more sense to make a purchase and start up with the yarn while you still remember why you bought it? That’s my goal.

Here’s a picture of the stash as of mid-January.


I’ve actually sold off 35 balls through Ravelry’s ISO/Destashing Board. I’ve also made some purchases from those very same boards, but the net is a decrease. I’m hoping to show another picture at the end of the month with some real progress.

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