Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stephanie's Crocheted Lace Wedding Garter

I fell in love with Diane Willett's Knitted Lace Wedding Garter, but couldn't seem to handle the size 00 needles that were required. After a week of fighting with the slippery cotton thread, I decided that I needed to design my own in crochet.

This is a gift for my sister Stephanie's wedding.

This pattern is on Ravelry.

cotton thread - size 30
crochet hook size 7 (1.65 mm)
1/4 inch wide blue ribbon
thin elastic cord
sewing notions

The length of the garter is customizable. Research on the internet tells me that the standard thigh is 20-22 inches. The size I am working for is 24 inches. To this, I have added 2 inches to provide some gathering in the material. My total length is 26 inches.

Center Section
Throughout the pattern for the center section, the turning ch 2 is not counted as a hdc. Work this section to the desired length by repeating rows 3 and 4. Complete a number of rows equal to a multiple of 4, ending with row 3.

  1. ch 10, hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in next 7 ch, ch 2, turn (8 hdc)
  2. hdc in first hdc, ch 2, skip next 2 hdc, hdc in next 2 hdc, ch 2, skip next 2 hdc, hdc in final hdc, ch 2, turn
  3. hdc in each hdc across, with 2 hdc in each ch2 space, (8 hdc total), ch 2, turn
  4. repeat rows 2 and 3 until pieces measures the desired length. Make sure that you have completed a number of rows equal to a multiple of 4, ending with row 2, ch 3, turn
To get 28 inches, my version was 192 rows long.

The edging is worked along each side of the garter. The instructions below will get you through the first side and then you just repeat on the other side of the center section.

  1. Make 2 dc in each row across the side, counting the first turning ch 3 as the first dc. Make sure to get one stitch on the foundation row. You should have twice as many double crochets as you had rows, plus 1. I have 385 stitches. ch 3, turn
  2. 2 dc in 1st dc, skip next 3 dc, (dc, ch 3, dc in next stitch), *skip next 3 dc, 5 dc in next dc, skip next 3 dc, (dc, ch 3, dc in next stitch), repeat from star across, skip next 3 dc, 3 dc in last dc, ch 1, turn
  3. sc in 1st dc, 5 dc in next ch 3 space, *skip next 3 dc, (sc, ch 3, sc) in next dc (this is the middle dc of the 5dc group), 5 dc in next ch 3 space, repeat from star across, skip next 3 dc, (sc, ch 3, sc) is last dc, cut thread and finish off.
Make sure to block to get the proper stitch definition, paying particular attenting to the ch3 loops on the outside rows. After blocking, sew into a ring. Thread the ribbon and elastic through the openings in the center of the garter, making sure the elastic is hidden behind the ribbon. Sew the two ribbon ends together, making sure to leave enough ribbon to stretch to the desired length. Sew/tie the elastic together to the desired length.

I got the pattern for the flower from SkaMama's blog.

Pattern & images © 2008 by Melisa Darnieder. Personal use ONLY. Commercial use, including selling items made from this pattern, is prohibited. All rights reserved.


Misha said...

So pretty! You did a beautiful job! Any bride to be would love this!!

Melisa said...

Thank you so much!

rshseaeagle said...

I love this pattern. Thank you so much.
My future Daughter in Law has chosen this garter for me to make for her wedding.

I do not see the flower you used listed in the pattern. How did you make this?
could you please post the directions for the flower, I really would like to include this on her garter.

Thank you so much,

Melisa said...

I have updated the pattern to include a link to the pattern for the flower.

Emma said...

Hi, I'm in Europe but want to make this beautiful garter for my wedding. When you say "size 30", are you using DMC sizes? I am confused on what to do...I was looking for the thread and found size 30, but it's listed for use with 1.00 to 1.25 mm hooks. The thread for size 1.50 to 1.75 hooks (the hook size you used) is size 10.
Did you use a thinner thread with a fatter hook?

Melisa said...

Emma, yes, I am using the DMC sizes. As for the hook, in my crocheting I have found that the hook sizes listed for particular yarns are too small to produce the kind of fabric I like. With the smaller hooks, the fabric comes out too tight and stiff for my preferences. So, I have used the slightly larger hook for this project as well. Exact gauge is not important, however, as the measurements are easily adjustible. It would also be possible to use the size 10 thread, though the garter you produce would be somewhat larger.

Emma said...

Wow, thanks for the help/explanation and very quick response. :)

JEAN said...

I think this could also be modified to make a terrific choker, possibly with black nylon thread instead of the traditional cotton mercerized, and contrasting red or hot pink ribbon and rose, then sew on hooks and eyes in the rear.

Anonymous said...

Hi I love the wedding garter I've made 2 and given them to brides as gifts. And I've got a request to make one for a friend who wants to give it as a gift also... I change them up a bit though And add different color ribbon and also different accents ... They come out so pretty... Thanks for posting this pattern to share... I love it!
Natalie B
Lead Moderator for Crochet Heaven.

Lee Ann said...

This is beautiful!! Great job on it. :) :)

Lee Ann

My new blog: Crochetgottaloveit
My website: Crochet...Gotta Love It!

Lynn said...

My first Granddaughter is getting married next Feburary and I can't wait to make and give this to her, along with shoe clips, hankie and a small purse and their unity candle. Thank You for the beautiful pattern for her Special Day!!

Myrna Correa Sierra said...

26 years ago, my aunt crochet my garter belt. When I heard that my daughter-in-law to be had not found a garter for her wedding day, I looked for my garter everywhere and couldn't find it. I wanted her to have something that special with her on her wedding day. I found this lovely pattern. So in spite the fact that I had not touched a crochet needle in over 9 years I was able to reproduce it. It is gorgeous, elegant and not very difficult. My daughter in law LOVED IT. Thank you for sharing the pattern. (I did find my own garter two days after the wedding).

Aggie said...

I'm getting married in April and am currently crocheting this garter to wear. Thank you so much for the written instructions and the beautiful pattern. You are truly talented.


Deanna Rood said...

It is so pretty. Somebody posted a picture of this on FB and I commented on how pretty it was, now I've had 3 requests to make one for each bride. 1 in July, 1 in September and 1 yet to be determined. My question, how long did it take you, just an estimate. Thank you!!!

Emma said...

Deanna, I made this for my wedding and it took me about 1 month to make. :) Have fun making all 3!

Melisa said...

Deanna, it took me a week or two to crochet, and much longer to assemble because I'm a procrastinator. You shouldn't have any trouble with your timelines

Sharon Anderson said...

This is so beautiful I am making one for my niece who is getting married In Vegas in March. I can't afford to go to the wedding so I wanted to make her something to have from me.

Barbara said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern Here is a link to finished product:
best of all, my daughter loves it and was very impressed, calling it a new family heirloom. I took flower from my own wedding dress.
Thanks again.--Barbara

Tasty Destination said...

Thank you for sharing this pattern. Just last night I was trying to figure out how to make like this, and then I stumbled across this by accident. Sure am glad I did. bridal lace fabric

Richelle Johnson said...

HI! How long do you cut the elastic? Thanks!

Mithra said...

Thank you for this pattern. I have done much research and out of all of it, I chose this one to make for my daughter's wedding.

Heather Shanley said...

Thank you so much for this pattern. I was going to try a different one but decided very quickly that it was a no go .. the instructions were difficult to read and the thread size would have made me go cross eyed to work with lol. This garter pattern is prettier and it only took me two days to complete. :-D

Heather Shanley said...

Thank you so much for this pattern. I was going to try a different one but decided very quickly that it was a no go .. the instructions were difficult to read and the thread size would have made me go cross eyed to work with lol. This garter pattern is prettier and it only took me two days to complete. :-D