Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stash Honesty

Ok, so in the spirit of being honest with myself, I have added all my acyrlic and other chain store yarn to my stash on Ravelry. There was a huge bin of this stuff underneath my bed, and now it is all out in the open. It is not new stash, but it has seriously upped my totals.

Bernat Softee Baby Yarn: 4,322.6 yards
Worsted Weight Cotton: 520 yards
Worsted Weight Acrylic: 9,086 yards
Joann Yarn: 309 yards
Knit Picks Swish Superwash: 220 yards
Lion Brand Suede: 488 yards
Wool-Ease: 522 yards
Patons Wool: 390.3 yards
Plymouth Encore Worsted: 1,300 yards
= 17,157.9 yards

Grand Total Now = 48,646.4

I will consider this my real starting point, as I believe it may include all my stash. I do, however, reserve the right to adjust my goals if I discover more somewhere in my house!


Test said...

Okay, so do you include the loose ends in your stash count? I need to do this, too. I have very little time to knit and I need to stop buying yarn and simply spend the shopping time actually knitting... but at this point I have finished all the waiting projects and just have tons of partial skeins. Any advice?

Melisa said...

I have that problem, too, and have taken a guess at how much I have left in my partial skeins. I have a couple scrap projects going. If it's sock yarn, there are cute tiny mittens you can make. If it's baby yarn, something with a mix of different colored baby squares is cute. And, if you have a few bits of the same weight yarn, you can always try to combine them into a hat? It's hard, though. You have to try hard to use up all that stuff. I'm still trying to get better!