Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September Stash Progress

I feel good about my stash progress under my new goal.

So far in September, I have knit up 1,756 yards. Now, this includes a couple projects that I worked on in previous months but finished this month. I prefer to count yardage this way because there's no guarantee I won't frog a work in progress and put it right back in my stash. Counting only finished projects ensures that the stash is actually reduced!

So here's what I've finished this month:
A Sweater for Ronan: 250 yards
Blanket for Dale: 550 yards
Weapon of Choice: 200 yards
Elita's Scarf: 153 yards
Elery's Sweater: 273 yards
Don's Slippers: 330 yards

I have added a bit to my stash, but I have a good excuse for half of it! I have bought 2 skeins of wool to make a pair of felted slippers for my mother-in-law. She requested a certain color that I actually did not have in my stash, so I bought it.

I also bought a couple skeins of cotton fleece on sale because I've had my eye on a pattern for a short-sleeved sweater for a while. However, I will have to add a couple more skeins from the many up for trade on ravelry.

So, I have added this month:
Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (on sale ) 430 yards
Cascade 220 Heathers (for a specific Christmas present) 440 yards
Total of 870 yards

Net reduction: 886 yards

I have fallen short of my 1,400 yard goal, but I will just plan to make it up next month. I have one larger project to finish that should take care of a good bit and a couple crochet projects that should help me churn out some yardage.

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