Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weapon of Choice

This hat is cold and deadly, taking no prisoners, and killing all in its path. It looks friendly enough at first, in its soft yummy exterior…
It starts by snuggling up to you, and you will probably like the feeling on the back of your neck

But beware, as it creeps up you will lose yourself in the silky wool
it will take hold and smother you in it’s soft ribbing!
Did you ever play the game Assassin in high school or college? Well, Hat Attack is the same idea, except to kill someone, you knit up a specific hat in a specific size and mail it off to them. Once they receive their hat, they are dead. My hat is expected to arrive in New Jersey sometime tomorrow.
My assassin is very quiet, haven't heard a peep from her since this whole thing began, so I have no idea where my hat is....

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