Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May/June Goals

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I've decided that the next two months will be for cleaning out all my wips and hibernating projects. A couple of them are so old that they are not even on Ravelry. They include the following lucky 14 projects.

The first two are okay, and have not been languishing:
Cobblestone Pullover - just started
Jeanne's Shawl - started in April
  1. Playful Penguin - FINISH IT! This cute little guy just needs wings and maybe a rattle. I can totally finish this and give it to a good home where the cats won't tear it apart.
  2. Thrummed Mittens - FROG IT! I don't really like the pattern I'm using, but I love the yarn and the idea. I will have to hunt down a different pattern and get started again.
  3. Entrelac Bag - FINISH IT! This bag went through one round of felting and a test run of handles. It needs to be felted some more and some final handles/straps selected. All the knitting is done.
  4. Stained Glass Bag #1 - FINISH IT! It just needs to be felted some more and assembled. Possibly add a lining?
  5. Stained Glass Bag #2 - FINISH IT! The I-cord strap is nearly complete, thanks to my knitting night on Monday. Then, felting, finishing, and lining.
  6. Picovoli - FROG IT! I started this great little top several years ago and never finished it. Now, it doesn't fit because I'm a little bit different shape than I was back then. This needs to be frogged and the yarn needs to be added back to my stash.
  7. Joan Baez Cardigan - FINISH OR FROG? This was the first sweater project I ever started, and I'm not sure anymore if the yarn works. I need to block the body of the sweater and decide if this project will work or not.
  8. Boring Socks - FROG IT! My mother-in-law picked out the yarn and wanted a very simple pattern. I picked a plain-jane boring sock that I can't bring myself to finish. I will definitely frog and pick a new pattern for her.
  9. Green Lace Shawl - FINISH IT! This is something that I will try to start working on again, as it has been hibernating for over two years. I can't work on it at home or at work, as there are too many distractions. I will try to pull it out when I go to the yarn shop to work.
  10. Basketweave Baby Blanket - FINISH IT! This one's not even in Ravelry. It's a knitted baby blanket in DK weight yarn, and is taking forever. I will try to take this project on the next long car ride to try to make some progress!
  11. Crocheted Wave Baby Blanket - FROG IT! This one's not in Ravelry, either, and it will stay that way. I remember hating this pattern, as it never got easy to memorize and that's just annoying.
  12. My Market Bag - I don't know what to do with this one. It's a bag I designed for IC that was rejected. Still, I am proud of it and like it and am trying to decide if it's worth submitting it somewhere else or just writing up the pattern and posting it here. I need to decide.

So, this will clearly take me longer than just May, so I have made it a two-month goal. This will put me in good shape before the baby comes in July!

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