Friday, May 22, 2009

The Cobblestone Progresses

I have made significant progress this week on my Cobblestone Pullover. I have finished the body up to the underarms, and have about 7 inches done on the first sleeve. By the end of the long Memorial day weekend, I imagine I'll have this sleeve done and have started on the second.

I frogged the baby vest. I am really starting to dislike Encore yarn, as it is very scratchy and thick. Although it was going to be cute, the vest was turning out very stiff and uncomfortable looking. Also, I ran out of the grey yarn and wasn't going to buy more.

I have found a use for all the partial/random skeins of yarn I have sitting around. It is the Traveler's Life Afghan by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It is meant to be a record of all the knitting projects you have worked on, made by knitting up all the partial skeins and leftovers from those projects. Each row is meant to be a different color, and the original pattern appears to be in garter stitch. I have seen another version with a feather/fan type pattern, which I may copy. I may also crochet it, to keep it a little simpler for me. It's going to be a fun project to work on every few months, or so.

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