Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend of Finishing

I finished three of my projects this weekend, and continued to work on the Cobblestone.

The three-year adventure making my Neverending Ripple Blanket has ended. This was a funny pattern, as I could never manage to completely memorize it. Usually, a four-row repeat is something I could handle, but I couldn't remember which rows needed an increase on the end and which rows were worked even on the end. Although I like the finished product, I won't make it again for this reason. A crocheted baby blanket should be something that can be worked without a pattern.
I finally sewed handles on my two Felted Stained Glass Bags. They don't seem particularly strong to me, so I plan on having them lined by a friend-of-a-friend. This will make the finished product just a little nicer, given they will be Christmas gifts this year!
My other felted bag, the Entrelac Bag for me, may never be finished. I am not happy with felted handles, so I need to find some other kind of strap. I love the bag itself so much, that I am just being super picky and will probably never find something good enough. So, I have decided that this will go back into hibernation until I can make up my mind. Maybe I'll get lucky and find something at Knitter's Connection?

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